3 Leadership Lessons Learned Watching a Video on Cars

Browsing YouTube in my downtime I came across a video with Christian von Koenigsegg. Von Koenigsegg, founder and CEO of Koenigsegg, builds some of the craziest, beautiful, high-performance cars in the world. As someone with an interest in leadership, the video was fascinating for multiple reasons described below. What kind of leadership lessons can we get from watching this video on cars?


What is easy to see is the amount of passion Von Koenigsegg puts into these cars. This is a leader of a company of around 200 people, talking about a car they created and he loves every little bit of it. One of the key leadership lessons is that without passion for what you do, you aren’t going to go anywhere. Focus yourself as a leader on something you love and gather people around you that share the same passion. Most importantly, don’t try and fake passion, it just doesn’t work. A great example of the passion from Von Koenigsegg is in his attention to detail.

Attention to Detail

In the 20 minute video with YouTuber Shmee150, Von Koenigsegg goes into minute details of their new creation. Normally this kind of details about the workings of a car would be reserved for an engineer to talk about. But, seemingly without effort, Von Koenigsegg explains how their new gearbox with 7 clutches works. I think even stunning Shmee for a few minutes. The attention to detail in his explanation shows that he is truly passionate about what they create as a company and the end-product.

Always Innovate

Throughout his explanation of the new features of the car, Von Koenigsegg mentions truly new innovations to the car world. For example, the new gearbox mentioned before. Also, some of the small iterations like the carbon fiber wheels show a constant drive to innovate. I truly believe that some of the innovations in the car world wouldn’t have been there if Koenigsegg hadn’t created it first.

Leadership Lessons

In conclusion, it’s cool to see a Youtube video with a totally different subject (cars) to leadership inspire you to think about things a different way. It makes me remember why I love subjects like leadership this much.

Interested? You can see the video talked about in this blog below.


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